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Posted 2 months ago

I’M SCREAMING. OMFG my mind is still reeling over that hot as hell Jason/Eric dream from last night’s eppy. Best opening scene to this show EVER.

Also LMFAO at Jason dreaming about Eric going down on him in church.


Posted 4 months ago

I usually tend to get skeptical about favorite TV shows changing timeslots or nights, but I really think moving to Sunday at 8:30 could mean really good things for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Even with my issues of how The Simpsons has dragged on for too long and Family Guy’s pretty much at the same point, both are still some of Fox’s strongest shows ratings-wise and still get good numbers for this day in the network television age every week.

Before the years of Animation Domination, Fox relied on sitcoms for Sunday nights and eventually a combination of sitcoms and animated shows. What immediately comes to mind is The Simpsons, along with In Living Color, and Married… with Children dominated Sunday nights back in the day. They’ve got a successful show with Brooklyn, so it looks like they’re trying to resemble a formula similar to that again with it and the new sitcom they’re premiering. If they were putting it to say, Friday nights, where a lot of shows on that network go to die (RIP Dark Angel, Firefly, Boston Public, Wanda at Large, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Raising Hope, Enlisted … see where I’m going with this?), I’d be a lot less optimistic.

Also honestly as a fan of the show, personally, I think this greatly increases my chances to watch the show live every week. I never could on Tuesdays; by this point, on Tuesday night I’m still catching up on shows that aired on Monday night.

Posted 4 months ago

I thought I’d say something since today marks the 17th anniversary of the original airing of The Puppy Episode, the landmark episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ first sitcom; It’s actually impossible for me to sit through it and not cry a bit at least once. Especially when Ellen leans over accidentally into the microphone and says those two words: “I’m gay.”

I was 11 years old then; seeing that when it originally aired and seeing what Ellen did. Not only was it a well-written, well-acted, funny episode that packed the appropriate amount of emotion; but I learned what it meant when a person comes out. I also remember not understanding why some people were giving her such a hard time for doing it.

I didn’t fully realize and admit to myself that I was gay until a couple years after that. But still, that episode and many of the episodes that were done after it hold a special place in my heart and will always be memorable for me. 

Posted 5 months ago

The worst part after watching Ted, Barney, and Robin regress as characters was the fact that the audience only had 30 seconds to acknowledge and mourn Tracy’s death. That’s why the kids encouraging Ted basically saying “oh come on we all know you want Aunt Robin” comes across as callous to some. We never saw anyone actually mourn the mother. Not Ted. Not the kids. Not the gang. Nobody. They all did mourn, obviously, but it was off screen. I’d rather Tracy not die in the first place. But if they were that intent on killing The Mother, you’d think with all that time jumping they did, they’d take some time to show mourning and remembrance of the title character of the show. That could have been at least three episodes right there. It’s appalling that her death was glossed over in a passing line and then right after “WOW DAD GO’N AND GIT YOSELF SOME AUNT ROBIN!” It was just absolutely tasteless.

98% of the last season was devoted to a wedding for a couple that gets divorced in 20 minutes and we get an entire pointless and useless episode rehashing that overdone slap bet stuff in season 9 but we couldn’t get at least one full episode about the death of the titular character? This season if anything should have been primarily about Ted’s relationship with Tracy.

Just like Barney Stinson was a favorite for some fans, I could go on and on about how Marshall and Lily are my faves. But still, the show was called How I Met Your Mother. The Mother’s storyline was still important no matter how late she was introduced. She didn’t deserve to be used as a plot point just so Ted could get back with Robin in the end.

I couldn’t even get emotional like I did with some series finales I’ve watched. I was too pissed off; especially when Ted uttered the line “when your mother got sick” because I knew immediately EXACTLY what that meant.

Posted 5 months ago

From the beginning I had no real desire to see a How I Met Your Dad spinoff. The big reason being that it wasn’t just the initial premise that sold me on How I Met Your Mother in the first place; it was also the chemistry of the cast and how well everyone worked together. A new series might not be able to recapture the magic that made this one so great. My thought in terms of a new show with a similar creative train but with new characters like this actually getting on the air, was that it’ll suffer the same fate as a series like That ‘80’s Show did. Like, it just comes off to me as CBS being desperate to continue to milk a franchise after one of the biggest cash cows in the last decade for them is concluding.

But now I know there’s no way in hell I’m gonna commit to a spinoff after watching the final episode. It’s typical in a series finale that you’re not always going to be 100% satisfied with everything. With as many shows I’ve watched, I totally realize this. But the Mother finale set a new low of how to undermine characters and destroy much of what made it special. If the new show does get picked up for a series, there’s no way I can trust that a spinoff attempt with the same premise with the same people involved in it will stay intact and will remember the importance of the fact that characters grow and evolve as they run their courses on a show.

Posted 5 months ago


This is actually one of the worst series finales I have ever watched. I’m so disappointed in Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the way this was handled.

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Posted 8 months ago

On a shallow point of view, while I squealed over hearing Bennet say to Walt “you’ve had sex with a man, that makes you just as gay as everyone else here”, would it kill this show to give us some shirtless Walt and Bennet scenes? What does a fanboy have to DO to make this happen?

/shallow post is shallow
//not even sorry
///shirtless Walt… I need it NOW KTHX

Posted 8 months ago

As heartbreaking as last week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries was, I really have to applaud the show’s realism with the subject of AIDS, especially for that time period. I’m also relieved that neither Walt nor Bennet have it.

In all honesty, as much as I’m interested in things like old newscasts and documentaries; seeing either old footage from around AIDS was first discovered or seeing documentaries which focus on that subject from that time always infuriate me. That was such a scary time. People were dying. There were so many misconceptions about it, so many rumors, and so much lack of general knowledge about how you can get it; which totally explains Walt’s freak out at the club. There was also a lack of people realizing that ANYONE could get it, no matter who they are. Bigoted homophobes used it as an opportunity to demonize gays. Especially considering the fact that gay people were one of the first groups of people that it was first discovered.

I’m pretty confident that Walt will come around. I think he’s going to need time to calm down. As sad as it was to see Walt break things off, I can’t blame him for being scared out of his mind. I’m sure he’ll just need time to think things over and come to the conclusion that no matter how scared he gets of living life as an openly gay man, he can never change the fact that he is gay. I am also confident that Walt and Bennet will reconcile. For one thing, they’ve been through too much at this point to just end and secondly, they’re TOO cute together!

Posted 8 months ago

I just watched both Christmas episodes of The Golden Girls and now I’m imagining how much Walt probably would have enjoyed them.

Posted 8 months ago

Poor Walt. Back before I told my mom I was gay, I used to get so scared and cry at simply the mere thought of coming out to my mother and the possibility of it ending in disaster. I was also terrified that my mom would find out before I was ready to say anything. Before I finally told her, I distinctly remember at least three off hand moments where my mom definitely knew but I couldn’t say anything and always either denied it in a huff or changed the subject.

Whenever I see stuff like how Walt’s situation with his parents went or read or hear a story like that in real life, it always reminds me of how lucky I am that my mom accepts me for who I am. My heart breaks for those who are not fortunate in that regard, at any time period really.

That scene with Walt and Tom where they watched The Golden Girls and had that really nice talk afterwards was really all kinds of perfect and I don’t think I’ll ever stop flailing over it. Also I couldn’t help but get the biggest smile on my face, because it reminded me of how earlier in the week, one night before bed, I legit made popcorn, popped in a DVD, and had a Golden Girls marathon. It was too cute to see Walt do the same thing. Well, in his case, it was a VHS tape. But still adorable!

Posted 9 months ago

I literally cannot stop thinking about this week’s upcoming episode of The Carrie Diaries after seeing the promo. Is it Friday yet?

Poor Walt. One of my biggest fears as a gay teen always was my mom finding out before I was ready to tell her. The second I saw that camera I knew it would not end well. It’s too bad the circumstances suck, because that’s a REALLY cute pic of Walt and Bennet.

Lord knows I’m not the biggest fan of Maggie overall but ugh at Scott. Based on that promo, his actions in this mess seem to be about 10x worse. What an asshole. I’m so here for Sebastian whupping that dude’s ass.

I remember when I first heard about this show and I was so apprehensive because I was worried that it was going to bastardize the Sex and the City franchise. But as I started watching it, I fell in love with it immediately. Good characters, good drama. Fun show. Season 2 is even better than season 1. And can we talk about how on point the casting for young!Samantha is? Lindsey Gort has the mannerisms and the behaviors down pat.

Posted 10 months ago

In all honesty, I really don’t understand why the panelists on the syndicated version are called “tired” by anybody since most of them also appeared during the CBS years. And what was so “negative” about Gene’s ego then?

The last 3 years aren’t my favorite part of the run but after some time of seeing more from this era, I think they’re given a bit more of a bad rap than what’s actually deserved. For one thing, it seems to depend on what week it was. Some panels, when there was new blood, clicked better than others, which is true of almost any era of the show; also there were some fun moments like when some of the panelists like McLean Stevenson and Betty White took over hosting for Gene.

I think there are some differences that were abundant. For example, the banter that was often seen after the questions being asked with Gene and the celebs while they were writing their answers was cut for time. Some really hilarious moments happened then. But I don’t find that the negative aspects made it unwatchable or avoidable.

Posted 11 months ago

I am so livid right now after watching today’s scenes. Nick is a fucking asshole for trying to put what he did for 8 months to Will in the same league as Will sleeping with Gabi.

Will was a scared, insecure gay man who was just told by his dad that he was a disappointment and had a disaster of an experience after T, a close friend, first found out he was gay, and made one mistake, and felt remorse and responsibility for it almost immediately.

What happened to Nick in prison was completely awful. But he decided to deal with his personal trauma by making his own cousin’s life a living hell while being completely disrespectful to his boyfriend and controlling Gabi like she was a chess piece. Not to mention, during that time, Will always insisted on doing the right thing and being there for Gabi and vowed to be a responsible father since the day he found out she was pregnant. Nick was possessive as hell and blackmailed and bullied his parental rights away. Nick at that time willingly made it near impossible for Will to rectify the situation that he got himself into. Let’s also not forget that he tried to put Will’s relatives in a corner too when the EJ stuff came to light. Will didn’t deliberately intend to destroy innocent people’s lives during and after the time he slept with Gabi. Nick, however, did.

And for him to say “we both made mistakes!” like he accidentally broke Will’s favorite mug or something? CHILE BYE.

I cannot BELIEVE that would come out of his mouth. Just raging so hard at Nick and Gabi right now. They can’t see how emotionally triggering this could possibly be for Will? Ugh. And fuck Gabi for forcing Sonny to keep this a secret and threatening him to make that happen. AND for trying to undermine how important Sonny is to Ari. Gabi is the worst ever.

/end rant

Posted 1 year ago

I think it’s honestly going to be interesting a year or two from now when even the average people and not so much the hardcore game show fans start to get tired of FF on GSN all the time though. The ratings are great now, I won’t deny that point or debate it. But at one point, people are going to be ready for something else. And I say this will most likely happen based on past shows’ records. Like Millionaire and then later DoND. Back then both shows dominated GSN’s schedule at one point during their respective runs; now they’re nowhere to be found. Millionaire’s last timeslot was like Sunday mornings at 3 am before vanishing. It’s like, GSN basically acquires a big hit that they rerun a lot for a time, it fizzles out, and they’re back at square one for a while until they find another one.

As much as I love a lot of the older shows, no one show or one specific part of the genre needs to dominate the schedule. No one show should. And I don’t know about the anon who posted the previous confession, but for me this isn’t a wanting more classics thing. I’ll agree with one other thing pointed out here — they’ve figured out a nice block in the morning with a bit of variety with the older shows, including getting an older holy grail like $ale, and they deserve a lot of credit for it. But I really think to go with that, there really ought to be a bit more balance with the newer shows later in the day. I have nothing against modern eras of FF being on the schedule, but when you have one show airing more than 50 times a week, or as you put it, 41.6% of the week — literally. ANY show — old or new — it’s too much IMO. NO show should get that much exposure. And not airing it so much at one time will slow down the inevitable viewer burnout.